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Jeff Hardy clarifies the issues about his “Going to AEW” comments

Following his release from WWE, Jeff Hardy reveals his future wrestling plans and is speculated to join AEW

Jeff Hardy took to Twitter this evening with a rare tweet about his pro wrestling future, in response to the viral comments he made earlier this week about going to AEW.

Hardy appeared to backtrack on going to AEW in an update, but he is likely covering for himself because he is still under a 90-day non-compete clause with WWE.

“There is nothing official, SocialMedia. It can’t possibly be right now. I’ve simply set a goal for myself, which I will hopefully achieve…someday? “The main thing is, ‘Don’t get too excited!'” Hardy tweeted today.

When Hardy’s non-compete clause expires at the end of Wednesday, March 9, he will reportedly become a free agent from WWE.


Hardy, a three-time WWE Champion, joined the company in 1998. The Hardy Boyz tag team, along with his brother Matt, were at the forefront of WWE’s exciting tag division in the early 2000s, before Jeff broke out on his own as a singles star.

Jeff was fired from WWE in 2003 due to erratic behaviour and substance abuse issues. These issues persisted throughout Jeff’s career, and he alternated between WWE and TNA/Impact Wrestling before returning to WWE for the final time at WrestleMania 33 in 2017.