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Undertaker “the Deadman” is supreme when it comes to controversy

Here are the top controversies that no one talks about.

In his three-decade tenure with WWE, The Undertaker has earned the title of sports entertainment legend. He has amassed legions of followers all around the world while also attracting unfavourable attention on multiple occasions.

We’d like to highlight the top most scandals surrounding the Deadman in sports entertainment as he prepares to retire from WWE on November 22.

When Muhammad Hassan was killed

The storyline of Muhammad Hassan and Phenom, which aired on the day of the 7/7 London bombings in 2005, was heavily criticised by the media. The scene with the Deadman fighting Islamist radicals in ski masks was not in good taste. The contentious episode was not shown in the United Kingdom on the day of the bombing, but it was broadcast in the United States with a content warning. Hassan’s role was soon taken off the network. As a result, Marc Copani’s promising career in sports entertainment came to an abrupt stop.

Crucifixion of Austin

After The Undertaker publicly crucified Steve Austin on Monday Night Raw, sports entertainment rubbed religious organisations the wrong way. The Ministry of Darkness was led by the Deadman, who was also the top heel. The Phenom was accused of being a Satanist and denigrating Christian beliefs.

Tattoo Controversy of Sara

Sara, the former wife of The Undertaker, was made into a WWE persona in 2001. She was involved in a plot involving her stalker, Diamond Dallas Page. The Deadman was a big fan of her back then, so he tattooed her name on his neck. After he divorced her a few years later, it went lost. Following their split, he blocked it with a block of ink, which had left him in an unpleasant predicament.

Bigg Boss

The Undertaker has put on great battles at WrestleManias, but his match at WrestleMania 14 was a letdown. It wasn’t so much that he had a bad match with Bigg Boss Man, but rather the drama that ensued afterward.

Taker, Gangrel, Edge, and Christian hung Bigg Boss Man from the Hell in a Cell’s roof with a rope around his neck. For the audience, it was not a nice sight. The execution standpoint was deemed improper for a show with a sizable audience of children and families.