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In Tokyo, People Are Gathering in Large Numbers to Say Their Final Goodbyes to the Late Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Four days after the shock of his assassination reverberated across the world, family and close friends attended the funeral of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Tokyo on Tuesday. Crowds also gathered on the streets of the capital to pay their last respects, with crowds gathering on the streets of Tokyo to pay their last respects.

Akie Abe, the deceased man’s widow, presided over the special funeral service that was held at the historic Zojoji Temple. To pay their respects to Abe, Japan’s longest-serving prime minister, well-wishers waited up outside the funeral home and brought flowers, messages, and green tea — all of which are emblems of assistance in the afterlife.

On July 12, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida of Japan, together with other officials and personnel of the Prime Minister’s Office in Tokyo, offered prayers to a higher power.
Following the conclusion of the ceremony, the former leader’s body was transported in a hearse from the temple to the Kirigaya Funeral Hall for the cremation process. Along the way, the hearse passed several important buildings, such as the office of the Prime Minister and the Parliament building.
Huge crowds gathered around the streets to get a sight of the hearse as it passed by. As the car drove by, many people gave a respectful nod while also waving their arms and shouting out in excitement. Others bent their heads.
Akie Abe was seated in the front passenger seat of the hearse and rendered a respectful bow to the throng as they paid their respects to the deceased.

Late Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

She was seen carrying an ancestral tablet with her, which was a sign of passage into the afterlife.
The assassination of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in broad daylight, while he was giving a campaign speech in the city of Nara in central Japan on Friday, has caused millions of people all over the world to respond with shock and sadness.

Japan Bids Sombre Farewell to Slain Shinzo Abe, Its Longest-serving Premier

THE 12th of July, TOKYO (Reuters) – On Tuesday, Japan said goodbye to Shinzo Abe, a divisive figure who dominated politics as the country’s longest-serving prime minister before he was shot and killed at a campaign rally last week. Japan said its goodbyes with prayers, flowers, and flags draped in black ribbons. Shinzo Abe was the country’s longest-serving premier.

As the hearse carrying Abe, who passed away at the age of 67, moved from a temple in the center of Tokyo to begin a procession through the city, crowds filled the pavements, which were lined with a significant police presence.

With nearly a dozen helicopters circling overhead, people bowed deeply, their hands clasped in prayer, as the hearse passed in a procession carried live on broadcaster NHK. Others clapped, cheered, or waved.

“Thank you very much for your work for our country,” one man repeatedly shouted.

Hundreds had filed into the temple where Abe’s funeral was held on Monday evening and Tuesday morning, prior to the private ceremony, to pay their respects. His killing on Friday by an unemployed man wielding a homemade gun stunned a nation where both gun crime and political violence are extremely rare.

The funeral for Shinzo Abe will take place in Japan

After a private funeral on Tuesday, the body of former Japanese leader Shinzo Abe will be cremated at the Kirigaya Funeral Hall in Tokyo. This will take place on Wednesday.

 Late Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

The hearse that was transporting Abe’s body made its way through the streets of the Japanese capital city. Along the way, it went by a number of important structures, such as the office of the Prime Minister and the building that houses Parliament.

Huge crowds have gathered along the streets in order to get a glimpse of the hearse that is transporting the body of the former leader who was recently murdered. As the van drove by, quite a few people could be seen waving their arms and putting their palms together, while others lowered their heads in a sign of respect.

Akie Abe, who was married to Abe, was spotted riding in the front passenger seat of the hearse.

As Employees Gather to Bid Farewell to Abe, the Hearse Carrying His Body Has Arrived at the Prime Minister’s Office

According to a live television transmission, the hearse that was transporting Shinzo Abe’s body had just arrived at the office of the Prime Minister in Tokyo.

Members of the Japanese government, including Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and Abe’s brother and Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi, greeted the hearse when it arrived. Along with the procession of black cars, it was observed that they bowed respectfully to the hearse as it came.

Akie Abe, who was sitting in the front passenger seat of the hearse, smiled and nodded at the mourners as they passed by.